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5 Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic in 2015

We are sharing today 5 Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic in 2015.We all know value of adsense is like a gold mine but its not easy to earn adsense without fear.No doubt Adsense is one and unique still no one beat adsense in internet market.But there are lots of Adsense alternatives who pays good amount of our traffic.There are lots of reason we are not able to use adsense on our website or our adsense account is disable.I tried lots of adsense alternative and some of adsense alternatives is worth to use.Normally  i have Traffic from India and i always looking to monetize my Indian traffic its very difficult to earn good money on Asia countries traffic Like “India , Pakistan,Bangladesh and more.So guys today i’m sharing my experience about adsense alternative in 2015.


Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives

5 Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic in 2015 Below :

1. Adonly :

Adonly is new network and one of the best network i ever use on my sites.Adonly is currently working with models such as CPC, CPM,Pop-up direct link.Adonly is Vietnam based network which providing best rates for worldwide traffic if your site having traffic from india you must try this network . I use this network as cpm and cpc and i earn good money and still using this network on my site.Best thing of this network is that they pay minimum 10$ . But they accept good and quality traffic only your website traffic should be minimum  5000 views daily.Revenue that you earn in the current month will be summarized at the end of the month, and payment will be sent to you on the 15th of next month. Sign up here  and start making money.

2.Propellerads :

I use propellerads ads on my songs related sites almost all traffic is came from India and i earn good money by using this network.They Pay good rates in Pop up ads and also they offers cpl : pay per lead ,If your traffic gives lead they pay you also for leads too.The expected earning of 1000 unique views from India is $2-5 .The minimum payment of this network is $100 . They accept all sites with very low traffic you can sign up on this network in few minutes from HERE!

3. Infolinks :

We all know Infolinks is good adsense alternative but they are not pay high rates on asian traffic but you can use it as your second network on your site.Currently im using Infolinks  is second network on my sites . I have indian traffic i’m making good money on this network . normally i make 1000 views for 1$ but its not bad as second network on my site.You can Signup Here.

4.Edomz :

This is another good and very popular network Edomz is Indian based network which pay good money for indian traffic.Normally they pays good at popup ads but also they offering cpc and cpm ads . On Edomz you can earn from 1000 unique views between 1$-3$ its depend on quality of traffic .The minimum payment amount is just $10 on end of every month.They accept all sites no minimum traffic requirement . So try it now and start making money you can Signup HERE.

5. Clicksor:

Clicksor is ad advertising network that allows you to serve text, contextual and popup ads. With more than 150,000 pages working on Clicksor, it’s became quite a good alternative to Google Adsense. They share up to 60% of the revenue depending on the ad (popup ads usually generate more) and they can pay you via check or Paypal with a minimum of $50. Sign up in 2 minutes with Clicksor here.

I hope you will try this Adsense alternative and make good money in 2015 if you have any question please comment below.



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