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Facebook Shutdown for a Week in 2015

Facebook Shutdown for a Week in 2015.Facebook is the name of a social media website that evolved a few years ago and since then it has been used like anything. From a bunch of people, the user base of this medium increased to millions and millions and not to a certain geographical extent but throughout the world. However, now this place is more like a part of our life which we browse as the first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Facebook Shutdown

As the use of this social website has been increasing the new features have also increased and all this has led to the new improvements as well. However, with the long era of improvements being made gradually over this medium there have been a lot of such things that bother the users, like the crashing of the Facebook, freezing of the Facebook, and much more. Now, since it is a high time that all this needs to be resolved by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has announced a long shutdown of this website. other than looking into the matter of freezing and crashing, the owner also stated that as per his views people would enjoy the “top stories” thing more, however, as per the surveys from the users what came was the pleasure of looking at the “most recent stories” in the newsfeed.

Keeping an eye on all these matters the team of Facebook has decided that they need to look at everything much closely in order to offer the best possible solution to all the issues being faced. While Facebook is live nothing can work in the context of proper maintenance and to make it work they definitely need to shut it down. Therefore adhering to these needs the team has decided that the Facebook will be shutdown on 1st January 2015 and will be back to the users’ access on 8th January 2015. Yes, it is one whole week of Facebook shutdown which is definitely a longer one. Usually it never happened in the history ever and now it might be a little bothersome as well for a number of Facebook addicts.

Well, now what would be the reaction of the users will be seen right at the 1st January 2015 and how would they accept it is also a matter to be considered. Other than this the upcoming maintenance and the new updates that will be provided also have a huge concern. To some extent if the updates are beyond the taste of people they might not accept it. Moreover, in case if there have been no solutions to the freezing and crashing of the apps there might be a huge chaos the Facebook team shall face.

This one week shutdown is a way too long and people would be having a lot of expectations too. Therefore there shall be something impressive as well or else people might raise questions over the maintenance policy and also the use of the Facebook. This decision is too big and needs to be taken carefully.



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