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Indian Women Raped in Van

India rape : Indian Women Raped in Van another women victim of  this ugly truth and common thing from India called “Rape”. 92 women are raped in India every day, and its increasing day by day like a fire of  safari.In India lots of campaign working on this issues but extremism and raping is viral now days.In this video Screaming woman in van ignored on streets of Delhi.People are afraid to help women they don’t want to safe women to become victim in this video 80 percent of citizen from Delhi didn’t  take any action to safe this Women who screaming and shouting ,Crying and asking for help words from Van by a women “Help me ” Please help me someone”  and words are  guy who raping this women ” Don’t Shout i will kill you ”  , ”shut your mouth”. But this video is not real and this is just testing people and her views about rape in India and this is not good only few people try to help this women . Is that mean 92 women’s who getting rape daily India they was asked help from people but they ignored every time . Check out video below.

rape in india street

rape in india street



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