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Shame On You – Aamir Liaquat Disgusting Act in a Live Show

I just see this ugly thing on so called Islamic Live show Transmission on Ramadan.Dr.Amir Liaquat Disgusting act in a live Show its happened on yesterday show i bet you can’t watch this video because its ugliest . Aamir Liaquat is currently doing a Ramadan Show “Pakistan Ramadan” in express Entertainment this year he did once again disgusting  and crazy things on live Tv show whole world is watching this Transmission live . He goes out of control lots of time in his show he make fun with people and sometimes he cross the limit . i can say now Aamir Liaquat is a actor and he is acting on his live show but a human can make mistakes and some time his real face out in live show another reason why he doing crazy things  on live  show because of ratings .

Every one is worried about Tv show ratings and Aamir Liaquat “Pakistan Ramadan” is not getting rating as good as last year.  New show of Fahad Mustafa “Jeeto Pakistan” is break the record of ratings this show is belong to game show and prices and gifts are very big and expensive and this show is main reason of  Aamir Liaquat failure and madness on live show.Check the video  below do comment about this video and don’t forget to share this video.




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