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Yoozon Hosting CMS Sites Dropbox, No FTP Required

Yoozon Hosting CMS Sites Dropbox, No FTP Required.Are you using  WordPress or other CMS?. Tried lots of time DNS  issues but we are sharing very cool thing “Yoozon Host” it will solve  DNS issues, change name-servers and fix FTP problems.An Brazilian start-up Yoozon thinks they can fix your all these issues, they will help you uploading things to your site using DropBox, and no FTP etc would be required for all that stuff. Their service is easy-to-use and they allow you to develop a site based on any CMS. As seen that there are many other services which help you uploading files through Dropbox but they all do not provide such services for CMS-based websites as Yoozon does.

Yoozon accept fabricated altered bales accepting altered blueprint and prices. Their Basic plan costs $9/month, Intermediate at $14/month and avant-garde at $29/month. All bales includes of altered blueprint as Basic one accept beneath appearance as compared to the college packages.

Yoozon Hosting CMS Sites Dropbox, No FTP Required

Yoozon Hosting


As apparent in the accustomed account above, the aboriginal two bales doesn’t accommodate of SSH affection and they are hosted on aggregate billow which you may alarm a aggregate server too. Emails is additionally not provided, Databases are bound in aboriginal Basal plan but in Average plan It includes of absolute databases and additionally includes of Auto-Sync affection which isn’t accessible in basal plan but abominably SSh is additionally not provided in this plan. So at last, The aftermost plan includes of SSH service, Absolute Databases and e-mails. As compared to Basal and average plan, the Advanced plan includes of committed cloud, which you may additionally say committed server. It costs abundant usually but I assumption its abundant cheaper than added companies accouterment this service. As mentioned on their website, they appear that their servers would abutment abounding languages anon like Python, Ruby and others.

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